If your pet is lost, start your search with the following steps:

Step One – Report your missing animal to your local shelter. Animal control officers respond to stray or injured animal reports. Contact them to provide a physical description of the pet, preferably a clear photo, and information on when/where the pet was last seen.

        Barrow County Animal Control  (770) 307-3012

        Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement   (770) 339-3200

        Newton County Animal Control  (770) 786-9514

        Rockdale County Animal Control  (770) 278-8403

        Walton County Animal Control   (770) 267-1322

Utilize free resources at www.helpinglostpets.com, a national website linked to by many local animal shelters and veterinarians. This site allows you to list missing pets and create an eye-catching flyer, all at no charge. No graphic design skills are necessary! Be sure to include valid contact information on the flyer. Plan to distribute lots of flyers - visit stores like Walmart, CVS or Walgreens to save money on copies. 

Feral cats

For pet owners, nothing is more stressful than losing your furry family member. The prospect of a loved, well-cared for pet roaming alone in an unfamiliar area is frightening. Too many stray pets are lost to wildlife attacks, being hit by cars, or euthanized in shelters when owners can't find them. But the good news is many pets are successfully reunited with their families.

If you have found an animal you think might be a lost pet, click here for some tips.

If you believe your pet is missing, take heart - lost animals rarely travel far and most are found within a two mile radius of their home. Taking prompt action can help increase the odds of your pet returning quickly and safely. Don’t make the mistake of waiting several days to see if your pet will come home. The first 24 hours are very important in your search, particularly when looking for an animal unaccustomed to living outside.

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