WAG is making a difference!

  • Rescue/Adoption of shelter animals
  • Spay/Neuter Subsidies for low-income pet owners
  • Educational Programs
  • Pet Food Pantry
  • Puppy Prevention Program
  • Huts for Mutts Doghouse Donations

Helping the Community


Looking to adopt a pet?


Check out the links to shelters and local rescue groups in our area.


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Helpful Tips 

Visit www.wagwalton.com for

more information on how to help!

Walton Pets is the spot for the pet-loving public in Walton County and surrounding areas.

Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of pet-related or pet-friendly businesses, services or establishments in your neighborhoods.

Best of all - each business or service listed on this site is a supporter of WAG and working with us to make a difference for animals in our community!


What should I do for lost/found animals?


The internet offers plenty of help finding and reuniting lost/found with their owners.


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